MegaSchool Secures Top Ranking in Vietnam's Edtech Products 2023



MegaSchool Secures Top Ranking in Vietnam's Edtech Products 2023

Paper Release & Ranking of Edtech in Vietnam 2023 held in Hanoi, MegaSchool was honored as one of the leading educational technology entities in the Learning Management System (LMS) category.

This ranking is based on six rigorous criteria: information quality, user satisfaction, system stability, technological advancement, market scale, and ranking within the education field.

MegaSchool is one of the three integral components of the MegaEdu educational ecosystem, comprising MegaEco, MegaSchool, and MegaTest, each with its own functions for student management, learning resource administration, and overall academic progress tracking. It includes the integration of popular applications such as Google Meet, MS Teams, and Zoom, allowing both teachers and students to access classes using a single account. The platform has received positive feedback from schools and educational authorities in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and several provinces nationwide.

MegaSchool empowers schools to proactively manage and ensure the quality of teaching and learning in the transition to online education. It also encourages students to engage in self-directed learning and create personalized learning pathways based on their abilities and interests.

A highlight of MegaSchool is its library of over 5,000 digital lessons from K1-12, aligned with the curriculum and learning outcomes set by the Ministry of Education and Training. These engaging and highly interactive lessons cater to the needs of millions of students who desire to 'learn anywhere, anytime,' offering quick updates to learning content and flexibility in curriculum adjustments. Furthermore, the system is linked to the education sector's database to ensure seamless management.

Participating in the Edtech ranking not only brings significant recognition for MegaEdu but also reinforces the team's commitment, as reflected in the transparent indicators. It provides an opportunity for MegaEdu to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape and identify collaborations with other companies in contributing to the digital transformation of education. Ultimately, this endeavor aims to create a technology ecosystem in Vietnam that enhances educational products for the community.

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